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Houses in Lewisville Tx

In the 1840s, areas of land were given to the families who were brought to the area which is now the Denton County. The Texas Emigration and Land Company brought these people when the Republic of Texas gave them a grant. By the late 1840s settlers came in the area. The first settlers were Augustus King and John King who came from Missouri with their families. Several families from the same state came and settled at the King land. Plenty of houses in Lewisville, Texas were built.

Lots of settlers came and by 1862 a grist mill and Merchant’s Gin were built. Until mid-20th century over a thousand gins were operated in the area since cotton gins were a big part of the city’s history.

It has not been confirmed how the city was named and where they got it. Although the pioneer Lewisville physician had said, “Lewisville is the best part of the greatest county in Texas.”, they assumed there was a Mr. Lewis who had lived in the area where the name could have come from.

The city is a quiet suburban where you can feel safe and comfortable due to its low crime rate. The public schools are great, the city is among those with a rating of an A.

The city offers so many things to do for its visitors and settlers. It has lots of festivals and community events. The area has a sunny and warm climates which makes it a haven for its outdoor adventure places you can choose.

Among these outdoor places is the Air Adventures Aloft which is for the family and individuals who love balloon ride. Another adventure place is the Sam’s Dock for those like waterskiing and jet skiing. You can have boat tours and rentals in this city.

You can never miss the city’s Lewisville Lake Park and Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning which is a nature park. The city also has nature parks and golf courses. They have shooting ranges, game and entertainment centers, movie theaters, bowling alleys, distilleries and bars.

The average age of the residents is 32. It is a city with diverse ethnicity of white Americans, Hispanic, Blacks, Asians and other races. With a high rate of 86% of the population are non- smokers. A great number of adults are engaged in healthy physical activities and 83% are with health insurance.

A great come one for those who are planning to move in this city is the employment rating of 96.9% of its dwellers. The city enjoys good business climate. The industries which are booming in this city are the retail trade, professional, scientific, management, administrative, arts and entertainment.

Now, there are lots of affordable options for houses in Lewisville, Texas which are for sale. We can recommend houses which will have open houses scheduled for this month. The houses for sale can be found at Redwing Drive, Plumas Drive, Almanor Street, Scotia Street, College Parkway and Milan Street.

You can ask for help, there are numbers on this page which you can call. We will help you in connecting with your agent and in settling down.

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