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Homes in Justin Tx

They said French colonists once settled in Justin around 1840s but abandoned the area. Town lots were eventually sold and eventually was populated. Eventually businesses opened and the place became a center for farmers.

The residents later petitioned the postal authorities for a post office to be named Justin. They named it after a chief engineer of the Santa Fe line, Mr. Justin Sherman. The area had grasslands and the community take advantaged of it,  they thrived on wheat and dairy farms. By the late 19th century Justin became established and was a shipping point for agricultural products. With this development, many homes in Justin, Texas were built.

The city is a safe place to live with no crimes recorded. It is a good place to raise your children and start a family. Justin, Texas is developing and settlers are still coming in. The real estate business has a steady growth with houses which are affordable. With affordable homes in the city, this gives a rating of 79% for residents who own homes in Justin, Texas.

Justin, Texas is famous for its Justin Boots Co., they supply all of North Texas with western wear and cowboy attires. The Texas Motor Speedway is housed in this city which provide jobs for its residents. The area has over 90% of employment rating. There are job opportunities in this city. These jobs come from the industries of management, business, sales and office. The businesses are doing good which mostly come from the educational services and health services.

To this day, the city is a mixture of diverse ethnic races. The median age is 40 and the white Americans have the largest number of population followed by the Hispanic and other races. Almost 80% of the adults are reportedly engaged in physical activities and about 83% own health insurance.

Visitors are encouraged to set foot in this wonderful city. There are things to do in this city like learning how to drive in the city’s driving school which is the Team Texas Driving School in Highway 156. Here you can experience an adrenaline rush in trying out their tracks for a few laps. You can also try the city’s Rabbit Hole Brewing at Topeka Street. It is a small brewery with English style where you can hang out with your friends at night.

For those who are looking for homes in Justin, Texas, there are houses for sale in the city. The houses can be found at  Chinos Trail, Chestnut, Kensington and Durham.

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