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Homes in Haslet Tx

By the late 19th century, the tracks of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway had to be extended. They would build railroad stop on an area which was settled around 1880. This was named after the town where the hometown of the railroad contractor. Mr, Joel C. Hammond was the railroad contractor for the guild Colorado and Santa Fe and he came from Haslett, Michigan.

According to the history, it was around 1880 when the area was settled and around 1883 was when a distinct community was formed. It was not until the early 20th century when the area progressed. It was on January 16, 1961 when the town of Haslet was incorporated and became the City of Haslet.

It has a small town feel and very peaceful. It is a good place to raise your children. Their public schools in the city have an A rating. Although the population is still small which makes the neighborhood closely knitted. The homes in Haslet, Texas are affordable, proof is 95% of the population own their homes.

Haslet may be small but the settlers find things to do in this city. They have restaurants with delicious food to try your taste buds with like at Le Tarra Grill is at Avondale Haslet Road and the Texan Diner. If you like vegan and exotic, Haslet has Mai Thai. The favorites in this place is their Pineapple Curry. For Mexican food lovers, there is Villa Grande Mexican Restaurant. You can also try Japanese food at Sumo Sushi.

For those who love baseball and still need to learn the game, Haslet has Excel Baseball Training at County Road. This place has offers a one-year extensive training on hitting, fielding, pitching and base running.

For golf enthusiasts, Haslet has Willow Springs Golf Course at Avondale Haslet Road. The city has the Haslet Sports Association (HSA) with sports programs in Basketball, Softball, Volleyball and Baseball. It is a part of the community since 1994 and had hosted sports competitions for the community to come together.

For a small community, the median income in this city is over a thousand dollars. With a population of only lower than two thousand, it is a place with diverse ethnic race. The white Americans have the large number while Hispanic, Blacks, Asians and other races followed. The average age of the people living in the city is 41 years of age.

This city has a thriving company with a trending which is going up. The job opportunity is good with 96.5% employment rating. These jobs come from management, business, science and arts. The businesses which rule over this city comes from the industries of professional, scientific, retail trade, manufacturing, educational service and health care.

Since business is booming owning homes in Haslet, Texas is easy. The homes for sale can be found at Ashmore Place, Lexington Court, Chisholm Trail, Caldwell and Lawson.

For those who would like to move in this lovely neighborhood, we will be more than happy to help in locating other nice homes in Haslet, Texas. Phone numbers are available on this page for those who want to call us.

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